WILHELMINA GARCIACan you tell us a bit about yourself?  Wilhelmina Garcia began more than two years ago. I studied art direction at Parson in New York and from there I have always worked as an art director in fashion advertising. I worked in New York and Paris in "luxury goods" creative advertising agencies and for personal reasons I came back to Barcelona. I decided to give myself a break from the world of advertising and working for other brands. Since childhood I have always been fascinated by jewelry so I enrolled in a goldsmith's workshop and there began Wilhelmina Garcia .

Describe your day as a maker: I start every morning with an American Cofee, my day is exciting. As I am already a rather chaotic person, I really manage to get organized to accomplish everything :). The thing that is harder for me is that that somethimes I have to put aside my moments of creation and to do other things in the firm. When you create a brand is not only the design and creation. We also have to look for the best suppliers, communicating the brand, to sell, to add up the numbers, banks ... .

How did you pick the name of your brand? After joining the goldsmith workshop. I wanted to totally reinvent myself and start something completely new and creative. So I used an artistic and creative pseudonym to create my jewelry pieces. It was like creating myself again through the jewelry.

How would you describe your brand?  WG is the product of worldwide curiosity: New York, Paris and Barcelona; of different inspirational objects mixed together with the intuitive influence of nature and its surroundings. It portrays the chaos of the city where I have lived and the fluidity of nature, the pulse of the new with the reminiscence of the old. My creations are always specials and unique, with imagination and fantasy but at the same time organic and human: WONDERLAND JEWELRY

What influences your work? My curiosity and my intuition are always influinced by Nature but also by this urban chaos as I said. I found there a lot of inspiration. For exemple, a few years ago, I was wandering in the English forest I and found a small quail, that was what inspired the creation of my Birtd Skull Neclkace and the Bird Claw Ring. Also a part of the Trancosco Coral Collection comes from my last trip in Brasil. 

Where does your inspiration come from? The fact that WG started out with an artist pseudonym: I always say that I look for inspiration in Wonderland. For me wonderland is a place, sometimes a scene or other times just a mental state of delicacy and beauty where I feel comfortable for creating my jewelry pieces . 

Do you have a favorite piece? For all I have great affection, all emerge from my creative process and have a story behind it. The collection Crystalize came from a giant amethyst crystallization of a gift from my grandmother. And Fishbones a trip to Brazil, we let dry fish bones in the sand on the beach and then I brought them to Spain .

Can you tell us about your workspace?  I was tired of working at home and decided to look for a space, it was the time. I wanted central, spacious, bright, with high ceilings and that could be embedded with shelves to dress them with all my wonderful objects :) When I went in it for the first time I knew I had found it ! A four steps from the Pedrera, a flat in the Eixample, old  bright ...With modernist fireplace and hydraulic mosaic floor. Each room has a different design. Very Wilhelmina Garcia… The study is divided into two parts with a more intimate workshop where I create freely, and the showroom with my office, where I can invite the guests. I create a Romantic atmosphere around my studio. The pieces that decorate my space come from travels that I made or that I've inherited from my grandparents who had traveled the world several times in the 50s. I have also illustrations or gifts as an old Japanese fan from my agent in Tokyo. Books, many fashion photographers because I love photography .

What would you say is your proudest achievement so far?  Everyday that ends is a new achivement. 

Have you got any big plans for 2017? Make this dream go further.

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