Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Julia, I grew up in Menorca but actually live in Munich. I studied Law in Barcelona but I found office work not perfect for me, so I decided to start my own business.  I'm the founder of Jutelaune and love my work!

 Describe your day as a Maker: I start normally at 9 am answering emails, checking IG and the website.  Later, I prepare the orders we receive from our stores and online purschases.  At the afternoon, normally I contact with new possible clients or do the business accounting.

When did you know you were a Maker/ Designer?  When I started to love the materials of our products.

How did you pick the name of your brand?   The name comes from a wordplay: "Gutelaune" in german means good humor. Then the "G" is replaced by a "J" to get the word "Jute", the material from which the sole of the espadrilles is made.

How would you describe your brand? Jutelaune arises from "homesickness", a need to have a piece of the Balearic Islands always near.  Jutelaune wants to bring the "lifestyle" of the Balearic Islands closer. This is conveyed by the materials, personality, photographs and colors of the islands. Menorca, my home island, is the main source of the product and of inspiration.

What influences your work? The simplicity and elegance of products

Where does your inspiration come from?  Always Menorca!

How is the creative scene in your city compare to other cities?  Munich is a great city to be a small brand company. We can always find markets, trades or other events to promote our brand. The people are also open minded and love to try new products.

What’s your creative process?  I start always by choosing the materials. Once I've decided the materials, I try to make a nice color scale which is done according to collections from the year.
If I want to do a more personalized design, we work on it with Photoshop and the we're in contact with the manufacturers. Once we have made the decisions, we start speaking with the manufacturers in order to start the production process!

Do you have a favorite piece ? Yes, the black avarcas in boz leather.

Can you tell us about your workspace ? My studio is integrated in my appartment. I've a room in which I have all the shoes and other room where I have a small desk with my computer. At the weekends I love to work from my sofa :)

What would you say is your proudest achievement so far? My goal has always been to bring the Balearics lifestyle closer to the people. I want them to discover our culture and products. I think that the most traditional Spanish shoes are good way to discover that freedom and simplicity feeling that Spanish people are proud of.

Have you got any big plans for 2017?     
We are a very young company (1 year and half) so for 2017 we expect to grow up and show our products to more cities and people. 


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